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Mindful Moments #5 Feeling the Mood

23 Mar 2021

  In this exercise we look at a piece of artwork whilst inducing a meditative state, to explore feeling, mood and tone within art, observing the effect it has on us.  Feeling the Mood can be particularly useful for people who find themselves wrapped up in details, who feel disconnected to their emotions or who … Continue reading

Mindful Moments #4 Creating a Story

16 Mar 2021

Welcome to the fourth episode of Mindful Moments, in this exercise we look at a piece of artwork and create a story from it, to explore the effect of imagination on our state of mind. The artwork that we are drawn to can tell us about our desires, whilst our imagination might unearth hidden thoughts … Continue reading

Mindful Moments #3 Observant vs Immersive

5 Mar 2021

This weeks Mindful Moment exercise is titled ‘Observant vs Immersive.’  In this exercise we look at the same artwork twice, from two opposing perspectives, to explore the differences in how we feel and what we experience depending on where we’re standing.  This exercise is useful when looking to switch perspective to give us an indication of … Continue reading

Mindful Moments #2 One Point of Focus

28 Feb 2021

Mindfulness has a strong association with meditative benefits, however we can employ mindfulness in a host of situations beyond simply trying to feel happier and calmer. It can help us to understand feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, grief, resentment, envy, fear, anxiety, excitement and joy. Our second Mindfulness exercise, One Point of Focus, could be … Continue reading

Mindful Moments

21 Feb 2021

Every Monday, we will be publishing Mindful Moments, a selection of nine Mindfulness exercises for you to try out with artworks from the City’s collection, art at home, objects or even the view from your window. We hope they will give you some ideas to start with and later create your own practices from.  General … Continue reading

Guest Blog: Caroline Hall

2 May 2017

It is an amazing feeling for an artist to be surrounded by their work. When the hanging space is Southampton City Art Gallery then you are entitled to feel a little overwhelmed and I confess that I am, as I sit here in the middle of Gallery 5 writing this blog. I have been preparing … Continue reading

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